Annual Children’s Camp in Visak

The enthusiasm of the approximately 700 children and young people who had come on the first evening knew no bounds. The joy, the cheers, – for hours they could dance and sing, celebrating Jesus Christ as the Lord of the Lords. I also wish to be able to take some of this enthusiasm with me to Austria. It was so impressive to be part of and not just being a spectator, participating, building the Kingdom of God – at the other end of the world.

Hope for India

Some of the 150 children in the children’s home are orphaned, but many come from rural and impoverished areas. “Untouchables”. From villages where there are no schools. Where the road is too far and the costs are too high, it is not taken so seriously with compulsory education. At Love-N-Care, children, regardless of their background, are given a bed to sleep in, enough to eat and most of all a chance. The chance for good education, the chance for change, the chance for a better future.


Austria is affected both as a transit and destination country because of its central location in Europe. Many of those affected are from Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, but also from Nigeria and China. It’s alarming that some of these countries are our direct neighbours. That shows that it is an issue of great concern. In Austria there are approx. 350 cases uncovered per year, but one can of course imagine that the number of unreported cases is much higher.